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Dress Up your Pet Day 2018

Sunday, January 14

Established in 2009, National Dress Up Your Pet Day was founded by Pet Lifestyle Expert/Animal Advocate/Animal Behavioralist Colleen Paige.

dog dressup day
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“I really stress comfort and safety for your pet in terms of fashion. Of course, it’s common sense to never dress your pet in anything that can break and puncture the skin, cause choking, ingestion or heat exhaustion. If your pet doesn’t like wearing clothing, there is no use stressing them out by forcing them to wear something for human entertainment. Perhaps if that’s the case and you still want to participate, a nice new collar might be just the ticket.

Many designers are now offering matching luxury accessories and couture for human and pet. I think that it’s more common for dog owners to buy fancy accessories than it is to buy actual clothing….but it seems that most everyone ends up caring about having nice things for their pets.”      ~Colleen Paige


Sunday, January 14
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